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Dude, you have a lot of time on your hand to write this much.


What's with the level?

In the status box, there's a level value there, what's that for? Is it just for show?

November 01, 2010 Lord X here. someone begin adding onto the church section. little lindsey and sister frances is waiting.

Writing is the acquiescent sport in which I adore. Don't stop adding pages (plz help with Jade Rogue. It only has a few pages!)Oh, and whoever wrote that at the top is a playa-hater, straight up! And they make it sound as if you only have one hand! ~Kitana134

For location pages, please link to the first page of the location. This way we can jump to that part of the story.

More jump points

It would be great if it was possible to jump to more points in the story from the beginning. Right now it is so big, and I feel that I am missing so much.


This story has gotten so big, it would be great if someone created a map like this: [1]

I have mapped this story completely in Excel. I have also mapped Rampage and several of the other "famous" stories from the site, although the fantasy-based ones bore me. To try to express this story diagrammatically would be a passport to insanity, it sprawls so much. Mapping it took me a long time. There was a lockdown. I was bored. --Itsuki1965 28 Jan 2020


Just wanted to mention, the song link does not appear to work anymore. --Dirty Me 04:28, 1 April 2014 (UTC)

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