Take him bent over(Leon SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You sit up on the edge of the bed and open the tube of lube and start to work it on to your cock, your eyes never leave him and his eyes never leave your cock.

"Okay James, I want you to turn around and bend over then place your hands on the wall and spread your legs as wide as you can."

He does as he is told and you stand up and walk over to him, you then push your lubricated thumb into his ass causing him to jump.

"Please take it out it hurts too much."

"Stop your whining that's just my thumb." You take your thumb out after greasing his ass a little and place your cock at the entrance to his ass. "Now it's time for my cock."

You push gently knowing he's going to tense up and wait, the position he's in means he can't keep the resistance up for long and you know as soon as he relaxes one firm push you'll have two or three inches of your cock inside of him. You feel him start to relax and you push as he does giving him no time to tense up again. You don't sink into him as far as you expected but you’re in enough and the tightness of his ass more than makes up for it.

"Please stop, it hurts too much," he says, "your gonna tear me apart. Stop, stop, it hurts, please."

You ignore his begging and pleading and continue to push in a little more before starting to stroke in and out of his ass, the feel of his ass around your cock has you close to cumming. You resist the urge for a minute, and slide deeper into him. His tight ass feels so good, just like the sissies in prison.

"Stop, stop, please," he cries out, almost in tears. With your hands grabbing hard on his hips, you start to slam into him.

"Quit your crying you little bitch," you say to him, "you know you like it."

You ramming your full 12 inches into him, your balls bouncing off of his. His cries of pain only make you fuck him harder. He starts screaming, and your getting close to cumming again.

Do you?

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