Humiliate him some more(Leon SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You push your cock a little further into him and then reach around and take his cock in your lubricated hand and start to slowly masturbate him.

"Please don't do that Mr Armstrong, please I don't want that."

You ignore his pleas and continue you speed up as he hardens and you can feel he's now ready to cum, you increase the pace of your hand and push your cock as far in his ass as you can go. You feel your balls slap against his ass cheeks just as he releases a torrent of cum from his cock. The pulsing of his cock and ass muscles drives you close to your own orgasm.

You pull your cock out of his ass and let go of him as soon as you do he collapses to his knees, you then roughly spin him around and cum all over his face.

"Here get dressed." You say kicking his clothes over to him. "Then get out I'm done with you, and you can keep the lingerie it will help you remember you're nothing more than a black cock sissy slut."

He quickly dresses and then leaves not even bothering to wipe the cum off his face in his rush to get out of there.

Do you?

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