Take her lying down on the couch

From Create Your Own Story

At your invitation to lie down, Counselor Troi slowly slides her pants down, and slips out of her panties. She turns so you can undo the zipper to her top, which falls away silently, freeing her gorgeous globes, and eases herself down into the soft couch, waiting for you.

That couch looks like a nice place to lie down, especially with Counselor Troi sprawled naked across it. You slide your pants down far enough to get your crank out, and lay on top of Deanna, between her wide spread legs. It only takes you a moment to get your cock inside her, and soon you're enjoying a rambunctious fuck on the couch. You lower your head to kiss her heaving breasts while you slam into her, and its obvious that she's nearing orgasm.

Her legs fold behind your back, squeezing the two of you together, and you come powerfully, your head dropping to her bosom as you blow your wad.

Do you -

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