Super: Supergirl: Go hunt for villains

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to look for some villains. While flying over some buildings you hear a loud crash. You head towards the noise and see Kong from the Gang crash out of the front of a bank holding large bags. He looks up and sees you. He takes off running down some Alley ways. You’re flying after him gaining quickly. He looks over his should and sees how close you are and tosses the bags at you. Your raise your arm to knock them out of the way, but when they hit you they explode open and nets wrap around you. You start to use your strength to rip the nets when you notice something above you. You see Bulldozer jump out of a window. You realize it was a trap. You feel Bulldozer’s fist connect with your face and everything goes dark.

You wake up tied up.

You wake up in your bed.

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