You wake up in your bed.

From Create Your Own Story

Your alarm goes off waking you up, you roll over and turn the alarm off. You stretch as you get out of bed. You don’t remember what happened yesterday. You remember flying around looking for villains, but after that is a blank. Your pussy is a little sore, possibly from your new cover job. Maybe that is where you were after flying around. You look in the mirror and see lots of dried semen all over your body, especially around your abused pussy.

You head over to the bathroom to take a shower and clean up. You make sure to clean the semen off of you. You get out and dry off, you head over to your closet to pick out an outfit for work today. You open your closet and it is filled with clothes that either a stripper or a hooker would wear. You know you bought these for your new job. You open your underwear drawer and it is filled with thongs, g-strings and the tiniest underwear you can imagine. You think about it for a moment and decide against them today. You select a mini skirt that could almost be considered a belt and barely covers anything. You grab a white button up shirt that is many sizes too small. The only way to close it is to take the ends and tie them together. The shirt hugs everything and is so shear you can see your nipples. Your entire midriff is visible. You put on some 4 inch stilettos and head out.

You head to your pimp.

You head to the Pink Pussy strip club.

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