Super: Batgirl: You are Barbara Gordon

From Create Your Own Story

You are Barbara Gordon, daughter of Gotham Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. After stripping down to your underwear, preparing to suit up for the night, you take a moment to examine yourself in the mirror. You are of average height, maybe a smidge taller than most normal girls but just by an inch or so, with soft red hair that just drapes down past your shoulder with a natural bounce. Your body is tight and defined though nowhere near the point you'd be described as muscular. Though it's important to keep tough in this line of work, you've always valued speed over strength. You have a set of C cup breasts that you used to consider big until you went to a few Justice League functions with Bruce. Nothing makes a girl more humble about her endowments than trying to reach for the shrimp cocktail between Wonder Woman and Power Girl.

With a smirk and a shrug, you don your Batgirl costume and slip out the window. A few leaps across the rooftops and swings between the towering buildings of the city and you perch yourself a top the Clock Tower, your favorite landmark and where you always start before taking patrol.

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