Super: Batgirl: Check in on Commissioner Gordon's investigation at Arkham

From Create Your Own Story

Commissioner Gordon is sending a report through the cruiser radio when you swoop down next to him. “Evening Commissioner. Thought you could use a little unofficial assistance in your investigation.”

Years of dealing with Batman has left him unimpressed by your stealthy entrance as he lights his pipe. “The brass thinks I’m wasting resources but I just can’t shake the feeling something’s missing. Joker breaks out half the psychos from the maximum security wing when he could have just as easily thrown open all the doors. There’s also something unusual happening with the asylum power grid; there have been brownouts a few minutes a day since the breakout but neither the maintenance staff or my own people can figure out what’s causing it. I don’t like it Batgirl, every bone in my body tells me this is all building up to part 2 of Joker’s sick scheme, whatever it is.”

With an almost mischievous smirk, you shot a grappling line onto the main building and zip away without a word. Sounds like something is still brewing in the asylum and the police just can’t seem to nail it down. Time to enter Arkham Asylum.

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