Super:Harley Quinn: Work directly under Doctor Hugo Strange

From Create Your Own Story

You decide that it may be best to accept Dr Strange's offer of help. "Very well Dr Strange I accept your offer to be groomed by you."

Dr Strange smiles "good but please if we are going to proceed call me Hugo" he sounds and warm and inviting as he can he still has that harsh tone but you can't help be disarmed by him.

"Very well Hugo I accept your offer an look forward to working closely" you say smiling with your naturally peppy voice.

Hugo smiles "may I call your Harley?" He asks

You don't like the shortened version of your name but Hugo is doing you a favor and you feel it best to be friendly with him "yes Dr Stra.. I mean Hugo. Harley will be just fine" you say as Hugo has now made his way behind you and starts to rub your shoulders.

"I just warn you Harley what I'm proposing will be unorthodox. And will seem very strange but you must trust me" Hugo says, rubbing your shoulders in a reassuring way.

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