Super:Harley Quinn:You begin your training with Hugo

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Hugo stands you up and whispers in your ear "now I warn you my dear this tactic is highly unorthodox once we start we can't stop. It will push you to your very limits. It will test your resolve. You must not waiver" He rubs his shoulders.

You take a deep breath to Steel your resolve "I'm ready I can handle it" you say your voice still having that bubbly tone.

Hugo reaches his hand across your waist and unbuttons your lab coat and he whispers again in your ear "you must learn to let go of everything" he pulls it off and it falls to the floor. He then unbuttons your blouse "you must learn to keep your calm not matter the circumstance" as it falls to the floor he unzips your skirt it falls to the ground. You start to shiver as your being stripped "let go your fears of embarrassment, instead embrace your resources" he unhooks your bra and slides it off and yanks your panties down. You're naked "all of the resources you have" he continues as he cups your breast. " are you sexually active Harley?"

You begin to stutter " I... I ..I am" but remember what Hugo is trying to teach you and you find your resolve "I am not a virgin but I'm not that active I could count as many partners on one hand and have fingers left over" you say. You have had sex but with your studies and gymnastics pursuits.

"Experience is helpful but can be gained" Hugo says as he runs his hands over you "you will learn how to use your sex to twist those to your will. And I will show you" he slides his hands all over your body as he kisses you passionately. He twists you around so you are now facing him. Before you know it you are swept up in the passion of it all.

Over the course of several months you study sex manipulation with Hugo he is a very excellent teacher and you prove to be an apt pupil. Once he felt you had a good enough handle he started bringing male anus female inmates to practice on. Eventually you get the hang of it and are able to use your feminine wiles on them and twist them to bend to your will.

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