Super:Harley Quinn:Interview The Joker

From Create Your Own Story

You got what you always wanted you're sitting down with one of the most twisted minds on the planet in the history of all time. You get to analyze the Joker. You enter the room it's sparse, just a comfortable chair and a therapy couch both bolted to the ground. There he is the Joker sitting up on couch with a big grin on his face. He seems calm but you feel that is the calm at the surface, below a torrent of thought and schemes. What darkness lurks in that mind. "Hello, John Doe. My name is Dr Harlem Quinzel I'm the psychiatrist assigned to your case. Do you prefer John or Mr Doe?" You ask giving him a professional greeting.

He sits there and begins to laugh "mwah ha ha ha ha Why so formal" he says smiling and laughing. "And neither is my name. It's the Joker." He leans back as he laughs "I suppose you could call me Mr J if you'd like" he sits there smiling and laughing.

Well your not going to call him Mr J fat chance of that. But it may be best to use his chosen name for now. To gain his trust maybe in time you'll discover his real name "Fine, I'll call you Joker" you say maintaining your professional tone.

Joker sits there "see there that wasn't so hard now was it?" He laughs again. That boisterous laugh of his, it's so unique, something almost alluring to it. " and I say your name sounds a lot like Harle...."

You cut him off "Harlequin yes I know" you say curtly.

"Oh you don't like that?" He asks, clearly he's trying to goad you.

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