Super:Harley Quinn:You fall into the Jokers mind games

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You can't help but be pulled in by his words. Now he's asking the questions he's flipped it. Months go by and you have fallen for this man. He's not some homicidal maniac, he's an artist. Chaos is his paint and the world is his canvas. As time goes on you begin to realize you are deeply in love with him. And your ok with that.

You walk in to the interview room and there he is siting in that way of his, with that wonderful smile on his face. You greet him as you make your way to the chair "So Mr J what would like to work on today?" You say in your squeaky voice, you have a big smile on your face.

He leans back and gives out one of his boisterous laughs "good morning Dr Harley" it use to bother you when he used the shorten version of your name but now you can't get enough of it. "I'm a little blue my little Harley Quinn" you can't help but swoon as he uses his cute nickname for you. He sit there with a frown on his face

You can't help but fall for it "oh Mr J what's wrong?" You want to cheer him up.

"Oh Harl I'm just so alone. I'm trapped in here" he sit there he seems so sad. "Don't you ever feel trapped?"

"Oh Mr J I know what you mean. I feel trapped too" you say falling in for more of The Joker's mind games

What happens next:

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