Stranded in the Wilderness/Rabbit

From Create Your Own Story

You slump down sheepishly in the driver's seat, eyebrows furrowing in worry, long ears set back. You already miss the warmth of the car's jenky heater, however broken it may have been. Rubbing your paws together, you flip the switch toggling the emergency lights and try to steel yourself. Outside of the windows, white plains of snow blind your vision.

Hesitantly, you ease open the car door, and a shrieking gust of cold air chills the interior immediately. You're wearing several layers under your tan winter coat, but the unprecedented snowstorm makes you wish you brought twice as many. You never, ever enjoyed weather this cold. But, you consider to yourself, your friend lives through it, so if it stands between you and seeing him, you'll face the danger any day of the week. Shielding your eyes from the sharp white scene, you pop the hood of your car, staring uneasily at the mess of components. Wearily, you mentally check off what little you know about the machinery: oil, check; gas, check; wiper fluid, check; antifr-

Oh. Oh no.

You slam down the metal hood, oblivious to the racket in the midst of the howling winds, and shield yourself within the car once more. You throw your head back, your form strewn and defeated. Out of all the things... the one most important thing, at least in this weather... You cross your arms, and slowly turn your head out to the snow-capped pines lining the road. There's no way anybody's going to drive by in this weather, or on this road, and no way they'll even find your car (or you) after another few hours of this ferocious storm. You hate for the options to be so limited, but you already know what your decision must be.

Bundle up.

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