Stranded in the Wilderness/Bundle up.

From Create Your Own Story

Before heading out, you decide it's more than wise to gather what few useful belongings you have. You open the glovebox, snatching the spare lighter and flashlight, and pull the release to the trunk with a "thump." Making sure your winter apparel fits snug and warm, you cover your face with your scarf and step out of the car for one last time. There's little else you brought with you, so you quickly yank your luggage bag out of the trunk, dragging it behind you.

Sighing, you step forth into the blizzard to make your trek onward. Slowly, you march through the densely packed snow, grateful that you chose to wear your warm boots for this trip. As you glance behind you, the faint red shape of your car drifts more and more into the white haze. Soon enough, you find yourself walking up along the road with little reference on either side of the path. You hug yourself with your free arm, already feeling chilled to the bone. As you pass a line of pines, the gales pick up. Frosted breezes lick the heat from your cheeks, and your ears are beginning to feel numb. Wind and snowflakes pelt your eyelashes, but you press on, forward, certain that you'll soon find some respite.

Continue on through the snow.

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