Storm out of the house(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You storm out of the house and set off down the road not knowing or caring where you are going, you've been walking for at least an hour when you realize you are cold and hungry. Taking in your surroundings you don't seem to recognize where you are, the area looks rundown, there's no one around and as if things couldn't get ant worse you feel the first spattering of raindrops on your head, you hurry to take shelter in the doorway of one of the buildings and stand there shivering waiting for the rain to stop.

You have been stood in the doorway for what seems like a lifetime, yo're getting colder and wetter when a car pulls into view, you are just debating whether to flag it down when it pulls up in front of the doorway you're sheltering in. The window winds down a few inches and a deep voice says.

"You look cold and wet snowflake, why don't you jump on in the car and get out of this weather."

You stand wondering. Do you?

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