Jump in the car(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You're pretty sure the only reason he's offered you a lift is because he thinks you're a girl, but staying out here won't do you any good, you run around to the other side of the car the rear passenger door opens and a large black man steps out holding it open for you, you pause momentarily the rain picks that moment to intensify and you climb in, the man gets in behind you and closes the door.

You find yourself on the backseat in between two large black men, in the front the driver and the passenger are also black it's the driver who speaks to you you recognize his voice as the one who told you to get in the car.

"What you doing out here in this weather? Snowflake."

The situation you are in as thrown you off guard and in a panic you blurt out the full tale of how your mother had bought you a girl's costume by accident and even though she made you look good in it you had decide not to go to the party or take your sister trick'o'treating and after an argument you had stormed out and ended up where they found you.

"Well don't worry about a thing my crib is around the corner, you can wait the storm out there."


"Yeah we had planned a little party but with this weather I doubt anyone else will turn up, you don't mind sharing a few drinks with us do you?"

"No, that sounds great."

You answer him relieved they are not about to freak out, the journey is short just as he said and you all pile out of the car quickly and into an apartment building. The inside of the apartment is a lot hotter than outside and you're soon dry again, the driver and one of the guys sit on a sofa and crack open a beer each while the other two guys get comfortable in two side chairs with their beers, the driver offers you a beer and the a place on the sofa between him and his friend.

Do you?

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