Take the beer and sit down(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You take the beer and after a moments hesitation you sit down and take a long swig of beer, it's the first time you've tasted one and you can't help but cough and splutter and manged to spit the beer out over the driver's lap.

"I'm sorry."

You say but he just laughs standing up and kicking off his pants leaving him naked from the waist down, instead of finding something else to wear he sits back down next to you.

"Don't worry Snowflake, they'll dry off."

He laughs, lounging next to you he seems to adjust his position so his cock is fully on display to you, not wanting to look at it but unable to turn away you notice how big it is compared to your own even when fully erect.

"What's wrong Snowflake, it doesn't scare you does it?"

Do you Answer?

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