Stalker-try to make out with Jenny on the couch

From Create Your Own Story

You move in and kiss Jenny on the neck. Your drunk dreamgirl giggles as she puts her hand on your shoulder. You kiss her lips, slipping your tongue into her waiting mouth, before going back to her neck. You slowly kiss and nibble her neck and ear, as you listen to her breathing get heavier. Jenny's hands run up and down your back as she purrs in your ear.

Your hands roam up to her chest, sliding under her sweater and squeezing her large tits through her top. "Oh Robert, that's good." Jenny's sweater quickly comes off and you pull her top up. The front clasp on her bra frees her firm globes, allowing your tongue to tease her hard nipples. "Mmmm, yes," Jenny moans as you suck on each of her C-cups.

Do you:

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