Stalker-try to finger Jenny on the couch

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Your hand slips down between Jenny's legs and rubs along her leggings. You get under her skirt and stroke her crotch through her clothes. Jenny closes her eyes and purrs as you excite her pussy through the fabric. Jenny reaches down and slides her leggings and panties down a bit so you can touch her. You look in amazement at her shaved pussy, the pink puffy lips seeming to be waiting for you. Your fingers rub above her clit before slipping past it and stroking her slit. Jenny takes her breasts in her hands as you kiss her neck and feel her wetness seep onto your fingers. You easily slip one digit into her wet twat, Jenny's hips rocking as you wiggle it inside her. You work a second finger inside Jenny, moans escaping her mouth as you begin to pump her pussy. As your thumb finds her clit, she lies back and bites her lip.

"Mmmm, yes Robbie. Make me cum. Please make me cum." You take her tit in your mouth as your fingers pump hard inside her pussy. Jenny lets out a long scream as her hips shudder in orgasm.

Do you:

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