Stalker-tell Jenny you want to cum in her mouth

From Create Your Own Story

"Your mouth," you maange to moan. You still can't believe your luck.

"Will do," Jenny purrs. She adjusts her body, clamps her lips around your pole and slides her head down. Her tongue flickers in circles around your shaft. You gasp and your body shudders as you fire jet after jet of cum down her throat. She doesn't spill a drop. When you finally stop spurting, she lifts her head and slides her body upwards to snuggle against you.

"Wow," you whisper. "Jenny, you're amazing." You wrap your arms around her slim body and press her tightly against you. "I'm the happiest man alive. You've been my dream girl for so long and the reality is even better than I ever could have hoped for."

Jenny blushes. "Robert, you're wonderful. And you have a silver tongue."

You softly caress Jenny's face as you both lay still. She has a beatific smile. Her eyes are closed and she murmurs something you can't make out as she instinctively presses her body against you.

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