Stalker-impulsively propose to Jenny

From Create Your Own Story

You're suddenly hit by an overwhelming rush of love for the beautiful young woman in your arms. Before you can think about what's happening, your mouth opens and the words come out. "Jenny, I've loved you for a long time and you're the perfect girl -- will you marry me?"

Her eyes flicker open. "If you were some stranger I'd just met, I'd say that was a little bit rushed. But we have known each other since high school. Yes, provided you service me like that as often as I want it and wherever I want it."

Your brain is still catching up to your mouth. You really can't believe what just happened. But it's true!

You pull Jenny against you and kiss her long and deep. "Anything for you, my sweet dream-girl," you whisper as you break the kiss.

Servicing Jenny for the rest of her life is a pleasure.

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