Stalker-take your time and enjoy Jenny's body

From Create Your Own Story

You've been dreaming of this for a long time and want to make it last. You climb on top of Jenny and, holding her hands in yours, kiss her forehead before moving to her cheek, neck, and lips. "Please don't worry. I'll be gentle," you whisper as tears drip down her cheeks. You slowly stroke her arms and shoulders before reaching her breasts. You gently caress her large mounds then wrap your arms around her back as you take each nipple into your mouth. Getting up on your knees, you move down to her legs. Jenny's body trembles as you kiss her feet and calves, your hands enjoying her smooth thighs. Your mouth leaves a trail of kisses on her thighs as you grab her firm buttocks and kiss her just above her clit.

Do you:

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