Stalker-use your mouth on Jenny's twat

From Create Your Own Story

Jenny jumps as you lap at her clit for the first time. "Please stop," she cries, "Just...rape me and be done with it." You get off the bed quickly and return with a ball gag. "We can't have that kind of talk while making love," you scold as you push the red ball between her teeth.

Returning to her pussy, you lick along her labia and suck on her hood. Jenny squirms as your tongue roams over her most private areas, dipping into her honeypot from time to time. As your tongue tires, you slip a spit-coated finger inside her and nibble on her inner thighs. Despite her protests, Jenny's body gradually gives in, her pussy growing wetter as your thumb finds her love button and your mouth goes to town. Your reluctant lover grunts into her gag as her pussy grips the second finger you plunge into her, her legs straining as you bring her closer to her forced orgasm. As Jenny's pussy surrenders to your touch, you lap up the juices trickling out of her snatch.

Do you:

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