Stalker-put Jenny on a webcam nudie site

From Create Your Own Story

You talk Jenny into going on a nudie website doing fetish sex shows for money. Wearing a wig and a fake beauty mark to disguise her, after all she is still a kidnapping victim, she spends a few hours each day talking to horny perverts. Some ask her to tie herself up and spank herself, pour wax on herself, even eat out of dog bowl. Some ask her to order them around. Every night she's anxious to make love and falls asleep in your arms.

One night about a week into her new job, she gives you the best blowjob you've ever experienced and you fall asleep only to wake up as a handcuff tightens around your wrist. You jerk your arm to find she's bound your wrist to the bed, however the rest of your body is free.

"What's going on?" you ask.

"Well, some of the guys have me dominating them, and it feels kinda good. It has me curious as to what it's like to do for real." She picks up another cuff and grins a wicked grin as she approaches you.

Do you:

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