Stalker-Hit Jenny and let her know her role

From Create Your Own Story

There's no way you can let Jenny think she has any power, so when Jenny reaches in to grab your wrist, you pull back and punch her in the jaw. Blood trickles from the corner of her mouth as you grab her hair and bang her head off the headboard. Seething, you look her in the eye and hiss, "Listen up, slut. You're only here for me to use, not to play these stupid games. Now let me go." Unfortunately, it seems Jenny's not feeling as helpless as she has been recently.

"No. Fuck this. I don't know what happened, but I was actually feeling like I needed you, but why? So you can rape me? Beat me? Who knows, probably kill me? I don't think so." As Jenny rifles through your clothes for the key to the door, you struggle to break the spindle locked in the cuff, but to no avail.

You lie helplessly as the cuff cuts into your wrist from your struggles. It seems like forever before the police arrive, as Jenny had some second thoughts before turning you in. As she spends the next twenty years in therapy, you spend that time trying to avoid being raped in the prison shower.

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