Stalker-punish her by giving her a good whipping

From Create Your Own Story

"That's how you want to play? If you want it rough, you'll get it rough." You pin Jenny to the floor with your knee in her back as you uncuff her ankle. Moving her to the back of the non-functioning display coolers, you cuff her each wrist to the frame.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry," Jenny pleads as you pull down her panties and pantyhose before grabbing a heavy leather strap.


Jenny screams as your strap comes down across her bare ass. You swing overhand at each cheek, then underhand. The strap briefly leaves a red "X" on each cheek before her tender ass turns a bright pink. You pull back and strike Jenny across her back, the helpless brunette screaming and sobbing as you torture her. You step forward and grab Jenny's hair. She shrieks as you pull back, giving you room to get a couple whacks at her tanned tits. Tears stream down her eyes as bruises begin to form over her body.

"Do you still want it rough?"

"No. Please Robert. I'll behave."

"Prove it."

Do you:

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