Stalker-make the beaten girl masturbate

From Create Your Own Story

You uncuff Jenny's wrists and make her sit in front of you.

"Touch yourself. Make me believe it," you say as you toss Jenny a vibrator. Jenny looks at you and with some reluctance, she licks her fingers. The beaten and bruised brunette blushes and closes her eyes as she starts to rub her pussy. You start stroking your pole as you watch the girl rub her breast with one hand and slip a finger in her twat with the other. Jenny takes the vibrator and presses the humming toy against her pussy lips, then slides it over her clit.

"Look at me," you order as you continue jerking off in front of your damaged dreamgirl. Jenny looks up at you with her puffy red eyes as she slowly works the toy inside her. Her breathing starts to hasten as the toy makes her unwilling pussy moist. The sight of the beauty degrading herself for you turns you on so much that you lose control and hose her down in cum. Jenny continues to fuck herself, and you aren't sure, but you think she might have climaxed.

Tossing her a shirt to wear while you're gone, you clean yourself up and go to work.

After work, do you:

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