Stalker-play with Jenny before you bang her

From Create Your Own Story

You lie next to your bound beauty and give her a kiss on the cheek. Your lips slowly move to her neck, pecking along the way before nibbling on her ear lobe. Your hands move to the perfect orbs on her chest, lightly rubbing the underside of her breasts. Your fingers move acros her chest, delicately brushing the skin on her breasts as her nipples harden. You move your mouth slowly down Jenny's body, kissing her shoulder and breast. You let your tongue trace a trail to her navel, licking aroung the little belly button as her tummy jiggles.

You roll yourself over Jenny's thigh and kiss your way to her vulnerable twat. You kiss her clit and lap at her puffy pussy lips. Jenny purrs as her hips twitch and rock as your mouth works her over. You pull out a dildo with a little clit stimulator and tease her with it, rubbing the tip along her slit.

"Would you like this inside you, Jenny?"

"Ahh, fuck yes."

You slip the toy inside Jenny, letting the vibrating finger rest on her clit. As Jenny moans in excitement, you climb up and straddle her chest. You spit between her round tan boobs and place your rigid cock in the channel. You press the soft flesh around your cock, your palms rubbing over her nipples as you pump her cleavage. Jenny surprises you by raising her head and licking at your cock when it peeks out. Jenny's quivering body feels great beneath you, her ragged breath warming your cockhead. Her tits feel so good on your cock that you don't bother moving to her pussy. Instead you crush her tits against your dick and rock in and out furiously until you spray her chin and neck with semen. You untie Jenny and remove the toy, noting the wet spot beneath her pussy.

Do you:

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