Stalker-have dinner with Jenny and go home

From Create Your Own Story

You pull out a bag of fast food you bought on the way to the store. You sit in front of Jenny and give her a burger and fries.

"Thank you," Jenny says quietly, her voice a little better than it had been in the morning. The two of you sit quietly as you eat slowly.


"Yes, Jenny?"

"Am I... are we... am I ever going to get out of here?"

"It depends on how it goes. I'd like to be able to live a normal life with you. I just have to see if you can make it work."

You finish up dinner, give Jenny a kiss, and drive home. You wash up and feel good that Jenny seems to be learning her role. Maybe she'll even learn to like it. you don't get much time to think about it before you hear a knock on the door. You put the chain on and open it.

"Mr. Johnson, Detective Summers."

Do you:

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