Stalker-let the detective in

From Create Your Own Story

"Mr. Johnson, I'm investigating a missing person case. Do you recognize this girl?" He's holding a photo of Jenny.

"Oh my God, that's Jenny. Is she missing?"

"Yes, Mr. Johnson. What could you tell me about her?"

"Not much. We went to school together, but I hadn't seen her for years until a couple days ago."

"So you saw her?"

"Yeah, we ran into each other, why?"

"Her coworker said you had a discussion with her."

"Um, yeah, I saw her at work, and you know, with her being just back in the area, I thought it would be good to get together for dinner."

"And did you get together?"

"Nope. She declined."

"Sir where were you last night around 8:00?"

Do you:

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