Stalker-give Jenny what she wants right now

From Create Your Own Story

"You want to be my dirty girl?" you ask as put you hands on her hips.

"Yes, Robbie, I am your dirty girl." Jenny pulls her shirt off and you take her hands in yours. You take a rope and tie her wrists together in front of her. Making her face the wall, you raise Jenny's hand over her head and loop the rope over a hook you earlier mounted on the wall. As you nibble on Jenny's ear, your hands travel down her arms, across her breasts, and down to her pants. Slowly you pull her jeans down and off her feet, the high hook forcing her onto her toes. You slip your finger under her heel and give Jenny a little tickle, the girl squirming and laughing at your touch. Your hands creep up her legs, tickling the back of her knee as you relish the feel of her skin. You reach in your box of toys and pull out some nipple clamps. With your crotch pressed against Jenny's ass, you reach around her and rub her nipple. A gasp escapes Jenny as the first clamp bites down on her tender nub. A purr follows the second, as you swat the weight dangling between them. You next take a long, thin buttplug and put it to Jenny's mouth. Jenny opens wide and lets you plunge it into her mouth, wetting it as she sucks it. Pressing the tip of the black toy to her anus, you slowly and steadily work it in, her breath quickening as you fill her.

With Jenny's ass full, you follow up by filling her twat with cock. Jenny presses her hands to the wall as you piston her from behind, her nipples stretched by the swaying chain hanging below them. The toy in her ass makes her pussy seem even tighter. You don't get to enjoy it for too long before you hear a voice outside.

"Hello? If you kids are smoking pot or having sex, you better get out now before I call the cops." You peek out and see what looks like a real estate agent and a client.

Do you:

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