Stalker-hurry out of the building with Jenny

From Create Your Own Story

You pull the knot on Jenny's wrists and untie the rope. You rush to put your pants on as Jenny pulls her jeans over the sextoy in her anus. The two of you step out looking a mess.

"I'm sorry, sir. I know we shouldn't be trespassing, but we were trying to spice up the relationship. Won't happen again." With your arm around Jenny's shoulder, you head for the door but one of the men stops you.

"I recognize you," he says looking at Jenny, "You're the missing girl on the news. Phil call the cops." As the man approaches you, Jenny steps up to him and knees him in the groin.

"Run!" she yells.

You race out to the car, hopping in as Jenny climbs in the passenger seat. Phil runs out behind you, with no phone in sight. You race away hoping to get as much distance from the store as possible before the police arrive.

"Why did you help me?" you ask Jenny.

"Well, you may have made a stupid mistake kidnapping me, but you seem to care about me. I just couldn't see you go down like that."

"What now?"

"Just please, I'll stay with you, but could you find someway for us to have a normal life?"

Do you:

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