Stalker-fuck Jenny's pussy on the cooler floor

From Create Your Own Story

You kneel behind the helpless brunette and pull out your cock. "Mmmmph" Jenny protests though her gag as you slap your meat against her nylon-covered backside. As you let the topside of your dick rub against the front of Jenny's panties, you reach down and gab the ack of the rope binding her tits as the other hand gives her mammary a squeeze. Jenny wiggles uselessly as you stroke your cock over her cottn-covered clit, then along her moistening slit. You bring your hand from her tit to her crotch and rub over her clit as you poke at her pussy.

You take your time entering her, barely getting the tip in before pulling back. Even if Jenny is disgusted by you, her pussy is responding all the same. You start working your cock inside her ever wetter pussy. Your hands caress the nylon covering her snatch and her ass while Jenny's hands flail in their bonds to try to stop you. Once you work your cock halfway in, you grab her hips and slam allthe way in, almost knocking the air out of the shocked young woman. Jenny grunts with every jarring slam in, followed by a long slow stroke out. Jenny's knees scrape along the floor as you shove her forward, tearing her pantyhose and scraping her skin. Saliva soaks into her pillow as she continues to emit muffled moans. You pick up a small bullet-type vibe and press it to her clit briefly. Jenny purrs as it touches her love button, but shrieks when your rub it against her anus. Jenny's body shivers as yourub it around her rosebud, pushing it part way in and letting her squeeze it back out. Jenny shakes her head in disgust as her body trembles in response to her unwanted climax. The sight of your dreamgirl cumming pushes you over the edge and you blow your load in her.

Now it's time to get ready to go home.

"It's been fun, but I can't stay here all night. I got to make sure people see me," you say as you get out a length of heavy duty chain. After installing brackets on the wall and securing the chain to it, you untie Jenny's legs and use a pair of shackles with a two foot chain to attach her to it like a dog walk. You untie Jenny's hands and remove her gag.

"I always knew you were a bit weird, but this is sick."

"Maybe, and I'm sorry that I have to upset you, but I can't stop now."

As Jenny tries to put on her tattered shirt, you get her some food, bottles of water, a radio, and a blanket. You also give her a roll of toilet paper and a large coffee can to use as a toilet. You even offer to give her a couple doses of cough medicine to knock her out.

You leave and go home for the night, making sure to make enough noise that your neighbors know you are there. You have to go to work the next day but you stop back to see Jenny first. Jenny looks tired as she sits there, her voice hoarse from screaming for help. You give her a toothbrush and empty her can.

Do you:

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