Stalker-give Jenny a spongebath before going to work

From Create Your Own Story

You go into the store's restroom and fill a bucket with water. "Sit down, Jenny. The least I can do is clean you up a little." The girl reluctantly does as you say, sitting in front of you. You sponge down her back, washing away the grime from the dusty floor. As you reach around to wash her breasts, Jenny turns her face in shame. You notice bruises and scratches on her body from her struggles with you. Her nylons are shredded at her knees and around her ankle cuff. You cut them off her and wash down her legs.

"I don't plan on keeping you in here forever. I hope you can come to accept our relationship."

"Yeah, accept our relationship. Do I have a choice?" You don't answer.

Before going to work, you hand Jenny a sweatshirt to wear while you are out.

You barely focus on work all day. When you get out of work, do you:

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