Stalker-fuck Jenny's mouth on the cooler floor

From Create Your Own Story

You step aside and remove your pants. You walk back to Jenny holding a ring gag. You push her over onto her side and remove the ball from her mouth.

"Please, Robert. Just let me go. Is it about sex? I'll sleep with you if you want. Anything, just let me go."

"You'll have to earn my trust before I let you go." With that, you put the ring gag in her mouth and pull the strap tight. You rub your cock on Jenny's cheek, slapping it against her before slipping it through the ring. Jenny's tongue works side to side as you slowly work in and out of her mouth. You work your 7 inch dick deeper and deeper until the brunette gags. You pull out of the coughing girl, her brown eyes pleading with you as drool drips from your dick onto her chin. You press back into her mouth, thrusting into her throat agaian and again as her face reddens. You pull back slightly and feel Jenny's tongue working furiously to get you off. With one hand holding her dark hair and the other grabbing a bound boob, you vigorously fuck her face until you fill her open mouth with cum.

You get Jenny back up on her knees and watch as drool and sperm pool below her face.

Do you:

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