Stalker-eat out Jenny on the cooler floor

From Create Your Own Story

You move around behind Jenny and squat behind her. Ripping her panties some more, you get a good look at her puffy pussy lips, spreading them with your fingers. You spit a large wad of saliva onto her cunt before stroking her slit. You lean forward and take in the aroma of her sex as you reach for her clit with your tongue. Jenny gasps as your long tongue finds its target, flicking at it and washing side to side across the hood. You give her butt a playful slap as you move higher, your tongue lapping at her slit. You push your tongue into the waiting hole, tasting the nectar on her inner folds. Your tongue wiggles inside her love tunnel as your fingers play with her clit and hairless pussy. Before you know it, Jenny is screaming as her juices fill your mouth. You sit back and watch her hungry cunt twitch away.

Now it's time for you to go for the night.

"It's been fun, but I can't stay here all night. I got to make sure people see me," you say as you get out a length of heavy duty chain. After installing brackets on the wall and securing the chain to it, you untie Jenny's legs and use a pair of shackles with a two foot chain to attach her to it like a dog walk. You untie Jenny's hands and remove her gag.

"I always knew you were a bit weird, but this is sick."

"Maybe, and I'm sorry that I have to upset you, but I can't stop now."

As Jenny tries to put on her tattered shirt, you get her some food, bottles of water, a radio, and a blanket. You also give her a roll of toilet paper and a large coffee can to use as a toilet. You even offer to give her a couple doses of cough medicine to knock her out.

You leave and go home for the night, making sure to make enough noise that your neighbors know you are there. You have to go to work the next day but you stop back to see Jenny first. Jenny looks tired as she sits there, her voice hoarse from screaming for help. You give her a toothbrush and empty her can.

Do you:

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