Stalker-don't waste time. Just start banging her

From Create Your Own Story

You squat down between Jenny's bound thighs and rub the tip of you cock against her slit. Jenny grunts in pain as you try to press into her dry slit. Backing off, you rub her clit a little while squirting some lube on her pussy lips. Jabbing forward, your cock begins to make more headway into her tight tunnel. Jenny turns her head away, moaning and grunting as you try to pry her open with each thrust. You watch her tits bounce as you fuck the helpless girl, her pussy gradually relaxing without the slightest hint of enjoyment on Jenny's face. You lift her legs and stab down hard into her, the brunette's feet bouncing on your ass as you piston into her. You soon plunge deep into Jenny, your balls emptying into her womb. A relieved look comes across her face as you sit back and watch your seed dribble out of her.

Do you:

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