Stalker-decide to send Jenny a gift

From Create Your Own Story

You meticulously found out everything there was to know about Jenny when you were both in high school. On the reasonable assumption that her likes haven't changed since then, you buy a variety of chocolates that you know was her favorite and a flower she'll really like. You place the flower in a small vase and drive to Jenny's house, where you place the vase, the chocolates and a card with your new phone number and your name outside the front door, in a box. You conceal yourself behind some foliage a couple of houses down and wait.

About half-an-hour later, Jenny approaches her house and sees the box. She picks it up and looks through it. You can't see her expression, but your phone rings and you answer it immediately.

"Hi, Robert," Jenny's voice says. You can hear her smile through the phone. "That was very nice of you."

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