Stalker-emerge from your hiding place and walk over to Jenny

From Create Your Own Story

"You're welcome," you reply, slipping out from behind the foliage and walking towards her. She's facing her door and doesn't see you. The box is on the ground next to her. "I'm glad you like the gift."

"That's my favorite brand of chocolate," Jenny says with a giggle. "But how did you know?"

You turn off your phone and walk up behind Jenny. "I figured your likes hadn't changed since high school," you grin.

Startled, Jenny spins around and stumbles. If not for your quick reflexes, she'd have fallen down her front steps. You pull a shaken Jenny against you and wrap your arms around her.

"Wait a minute," Jenny says, looking at you more carefully. "High school?" She closes her eyes and searches her memories. She opens them, studies your face intently, and a flash of recognition hits. "Oh, wow!" Jenny gasps. "My friends kept telling me you had a crush on me, but I never paid attention. You still like me, I guess. I thought your name was familiar when you bought the phone."

"I still have the same crush on you, Jenny," you inform her. "In fact, you're even prettier now then you were in high school."

"Robert, you flatterer," Jenny giggles. "Come on in and let's open up these chocolates."

A few minutes later, you're seated next to Jenny on her sofa, happily reminiscing. She seems to like you, but it's clearly up to you to make the next move.

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