Stalker-check if Jenny learned her lesson

From Create Your Own Story

You show up at the grocery store in the evening and walk into the cooler. You approach Jenny as she sleeps, her bruised body curled up and wearing only your sweatshirt. With a shake, you wake her up.

"Did my little girl get a good rest?"

"Yes sir."

"Come on. Don't call me 'sir.' We're going to be friends here, right?"

"Okay, Robert."

"You're going to play nice right?" Jenny nods her head. You get your pants off and sit next to her against the wall, removing her shirt. "So how about you give me a kiss?"

Jenny leans in and gives you a soft, but passionless kiss. You hold her head and kiss her again, forcing your tongue between her lips. You put Jenny's hand on your stiffening cock and the girl starts stroking it without a word from you. Guiding her hips with your hands, you make Jenny straddle you. You break your kiss and, move your lips to her breasts, kissing and licking the full mounds as Jenny's pelvis grinds againt your hard on. Letting your hands roam up her thighs, you grab Jenny's abused ass, makig the girl moan as you rub her damaged flesh.

"Suck your tits," you order. Jenny does as you command and lifts her breast to her mouth, her tongue lapping at her pink nipple. You move Jenny's hand from your dick to her crotch as you apply some lube to you throbbing penis. Lifting her hips you guide the tip of your meat to her pink slit. Jenny gasps as she lets herself slide dowwn onto you. Her hands grab your shoulders as Jenny begins fucking herself on your cock. You caress her thighs as Jenny bounces on you, her tits jiggling with each thrust. Jenny's cunt is surprisingly wet and willing, her spasming walls massaging your probing pole. Jenny moans loudly as you hold out just long enough for her to cum. You feel your balls empty into her womb as her pussy spasms, milking every last drop out of you. Jenny collapses onto your chest, then rolls onto the floor beside you.

Do you:

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