Stalker-a bottle of pills

From Create Your Own Story

You pull out a bottle of antidepressants.

"Here, let's make this as easy as possible," you give her a kiss on the forehead. "Take all of these while I'm at work and let the pills run their course, otherwise," you say as you pull out your knife, "I'm gonna have to do it the hard way. Don't make it end like that, please." Jenny just looks at the pills and cries. "I'm so sorry," is all you can say as you leave.

When you return from work, you expect to see Jenny's lifeless body, but instead she's standing and staring at you as you walk in.

"Really, Robert? You were man enough to kidnap me. You were man enough to rape me. Now you're too much of a wuss to kill me? No, if you're gonna kill me, then kill me."

You pull your knife out as you can feel the fire in her eyes. You approach the girl as her bravado fades and fear returns to her face.

Do you:

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