Stalker-turn the knife on yourself

From Create Your Own Story

You stand in front of Jenny and drag the knife across your wrist. You almost drop the knife as blood pours from your wrist.

"I'm sorry," you say as you hand Jenny the keys to the cuffs. Painfully, you take the knife in your sliced hand and cut through your other wrist before sitting against the wall.

"I fucked up, Jenny. All I ever wanted was you, but no matter what happened here, I could never really have you anyway." Jenny starts towards the door, then looks back at you. Slowly she turns and walks back to you.

"Shh, I'm sorry, too. I wish we could have worked this out a long time ago." Jenny holds you as blood pours from your arms. "You really were a good guy in high school. A weird guy, but a good guy." You look up at Jenny as your head rests in her lap. Your body starts to feel heavy as your vision starts to narrow. As the blood trickles out of your wrists you fade out of consciousness.

The End

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