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Two weeks later you have managed to do enough to sate Viserys and his anger. Whenever you are not appeasing your mad king, you are at Dany's side as a constant guard. You had been going to her whenever you got the chance so she would not feel completely alone and isolated. One day, as you are making your way to her, you see her diappear into the sea of green. You feel happy for her, until you see Viserys going after her. You drive your horse hard to catch up but not before you hear a slap as flesh hits flesh. You jump down from your horse, sprint forward and through the grass to see Dany trying to push Viserys away from her. When he tries to hit her again you can't stop yourself from darting between them, lifting and carrying Dany a few steps backwards, out of range from Viserys. Silence falls from behind you so you carefully lower Dany to the ground and make sure she isn't hurt.

"What punishment for him khaleesi?" Turning your head you see Viserys with a whip around his throat and one of Drogo's, and now Daenerys', blood riders with the handle in his hand. "Do you want him dead?"

"No!" Dany nearly cries out. She takes a moment to compose herself then continues. "Take his horse and make him walk the rest of the way." Without another instruction the blood rider does as his khaleesi wishes while Viserys complains loudly and resists every step of the way.

"What have I just done?" She whispers to herself.

"I wanted to say this before but I didn't want Viserys to hurt you," you say, grabbing her shoulders and looking her in the eyes. Her eyes are mesmerizing, her deep purple eyes staring back at you. "He is not the dragon. Yes, he is a Targaryen, but not like you. You are every bit as dragon as your brother believes himself to be, my Queen. Why should a dragon fear another dragon? Especially a false dragon." You try to sound as humble as possible, and stuggle to keep feelings you didn't know you had at bay. It was at that moment that you knew. You loved her.

Dany only nods in agreement before throwing you her sweet beautiful smile and moving back to her horse. You get there a moment before her and offer your hands as a foothold to help her up, which she is grateful for. Together, you rejoin the khalasar.

The next incident is a few days later. You have arrived in Vaes Dothrak and Dany has been accepted into the Dothraki. She is pregnant with Khal Drogo's son, which makes you happy and sad. After Daenarys eats the horse heart, you see Viserys leaving the tent. Suspicous, you follow him when Viserys. You had grown far more suspicious of him ever since his trying to attack Dany in the sea of green, and with good reason. You see Viserys enter his sisters tent and know that she keeps her gifts in there, including the petrified dragons eggs. Those eggs are worth a fortune, enough to buy an army. Would Viserys try and steal them?

What do you do?

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