Confront Viserys

From Create Your Own Story

You enter the tent quietly and see that he is indeed stealing the eggs. You have never been this angry in your life.

"You would take my Queen's wedding gifts!" You shout, startling Viserys. He turns around, frightened, until he sees your face.

"Know your place!" Viserys snaps, his face contorted with rage. "You are a bastard slave and will not question me! Now step aside! Do not wake the dragon!" You yearn to reveal your true heritage, but you hold your tongue. Instead, you choose a different route of intimidation.

"I swore to your mother that I would protect Daenarys with my life, along with any other Targaryens. I realize now that you are no true Targaryen."

"HOW DARE Y-" Viserys starts to scream, but you cut him off.

"AND I WILL NOT HESITATE TO PROTECT MY QUEEN AND STRIKE YOU DOWN!" You grab the hilt of your sword and assume a battle stance. Viserys realizes he can't win, and seeths with anger.

Suddenly, the knight, Ser Jorah, enters the tent. Viserys eyes light up.

"Jorah, you serve me. Strike this bastard down!" You ready yourself to fight the knight, but are surprised by his responce.

"I cannot do that, your grace," he says calmly.

"But... but... he threatened the king!" Viserys screamed, shaking with rage, "He's a traiter!"

"I am sorry, my king, but I must agree with him. You are no true Targaryen. I serve the khalessi." You are surprised by Mormont's words. Maybe you were wrong about him.

Utterly outraged Viserys shouted and spat then stormed off, dropping the eggs on the ground. Before Jorah could speak you gathered them up and carefully layed them back in their silk box. For a second, you swore you saw move. 'Impossible,' you think to yourself.

"I thank you Ser," you say, kneeling in front of the knight, "I misjudged you and I apologize."

He laughs and helps you up. "Your appologies are unnecessary, friend. Though I hope this means you trust me enough to tell me your name."

"My trust goes hand in hand with my Queen's. I was named Mace Blackfyre before King Aerys adopted me as his first son, without claim of course. I never knew who my father was, nore my mother, but knew they were close friends of the king." The last part was a lie, and you felt bad lying to him. However, you believed it was in everybodies best interest to conceal your parentage.

He only smiled in reply and held his arm out for you to shake. Do you shake it?

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