Should jessica do as she is told

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I think she needs a little encouragement announced Amy, Girls should we all unbutton our shirts? Then maybe Jess can stop acting like a little girl and holding the rest of the class back?

Jessica sat up a bit and started to unbutton her shirt from the bottom up but Mrs Beth was becoming impatient from having to raise her voice and lent over to give her a hand but pulled to tight on Jessica's shirt resulting in two buttons coming off and lay on the floor.

As it happens those two buttons were holding Jessica's breasts in tightly and both of her C cup breasts opened her top to allow everyone to see.

One of the students muttered wow, another said she didn't even cover herself up while on holiday there's no tan lines, Jessica couldn't here what they were saying but knew this day would not be forgotten.

Okay girls said Mrs Beth breaking the silence 'that made things easy didn't it', "now lie back dear would you"

Okay girls, we have a choice for today's lesson.

We can learn a little about dissection using a frog or we can learn about our bodies using the most advanced pubic hair vagina molds?

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