Female body with a vagina mold

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All hands went up in the air for the vaginal mold exercise

Okay class announced Mrs Beth, if you all look under your desks you will each find a box for our lesion, inside these boxes you will find the most advanced life like, soft to the touch with pubic hair vagina.

Ewwww some of the girls uttered, many more were delighted of this humanoid type vagina and very interested to see where Mrs Beth was going with this, you'll see on your vagina molds that there is a variation between the one you have and your partner, the remaining two hours of the class I want to tell you about the clitoris, G-spot, how to shave, stimulate and clean your own vagina. For the moment though I'd like you all to take a 15 minute break come back and we will get started, we are going to use Jessica again to begin with and that way you can see how she reacts to different things you do with your molds.

Jessica lay in horror looking up at Mrs Beth as the pen marks where wiped clean from her body rather roughly as Mrs Beth prepared her test subject for more torment.

Why...... Why me? uttered Jessica

Mrs Beth looked sternly into Jessica's eyes and said its simple miss Stanhead, this will be good for you, after your little outburst about being naked from your waist up in front of your own class mates, this will be good for you dear.

As the class piled into the room to find Jessica completely naked sitting up leaning back with her legs open for the whole class to see.

Amy walked up to Jessica winking and putting her hand around Jessica's waist whispered in her ear.

Jessica didn't make out completely for the shock and panic going through her mind, what she did make out was the fact the Amy was going to enjoy making this difficult for Jessica.

Right class gather round the table here, now you'll see Jessica shaves herself clean down here pointing at Jessica's pussy, she keeps it clean and seems to do a very good job at it however let me show you using Jessica here so you can go back and use the technique on your molds.

Mrs Beth didn't waste any time in having her left hand all over Jessica's pussy, so what you want to do is quickly run your hands through the hair, over your skin checking for any lumps, checking everything is where it should be, Mrs Beth was running her fingers over Jessica's clitoris which resulted in some heavy breathing from Jessica, one of class mates shouted out I think she likes that Miss!

Mrs Beth stopped abruptly and quickly readied a bowl of cold water, leaving Jessica sat in front of her class mates naked, she then preceded with the torment, so normally class you would use warm water and preferably not this cool mint extract shaving foam but Jessica I'm sorry my dear this was all they had in the shop, so with your water you want to ensure you get everywhere you want to apply the shaving foam and then with the shaving foam you want to massage it into the skin

Mrs Beth was being very rough but her warm hand felt good after having ice cold water and now this mint extract over her pussy Jessica was mortified To find that she was becoming aroused

Now class you'll be using the real shavers provided but because Jessica is already clean shaven I'll use this plastic knife,

Mrs Beth position herself on her knees looking directly at Jessica's pussy, the class gathered around as Mrs Beth roughly removed the shaving foam from Jessica,

It was the classes turn to try these techniques on there molds and it was Amy's turn to have some fun.

Amy stood to the left of Jessica with Mrs Beth watching, Mrs Beth instructed the whole class through the process, right then girls time to check your sensitive area, I'll let you know when to stop, with that Amy's left hand was pushing directly on Jessica's vaginal lips and right hand was on the small of Jessica's back, Amy soon found Jessica's opening and inserted her middle finger, Jessica looked directly at Mrs Beth for support and hoping she would stop this madness but

Mrs Beth shouted to the class to stop, I apologies girls I've missed a bit Amy has got the right idea, whilst your down here on yourselves at home and with your molds you want to check inside your vagina, you need to feel around make sure nothing hurts, use two or even three fingers to ensure you can have a proper feel around, if you all come up here you can see how Amy is doing this.

Jessica was welling up now, Amy had two fingers stretching her wide and pushing hard against her G-spot massaging, Amy began trusting in and out of Jessica and before Jessica knew what was going on she soon had five, six then the entire class's hands all over her, some holding onto her legs, caressing her breast, playing with her clitoris, holding her arms in place and then Suddenly a white cloth with chloroform was held against Jessica's mouth until she couldn't fight anymore and succumb to the coma state.

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