Should Jessica offer help

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"Oh thank you dear" professor Bates with an encouraged spring to his step, "I need someone a little more agile and capable"

Jessica followed Professor Bate's down the corridor and into his class room.

A sign on the tank read Melvin DO NOT FEED/TOUCH , Jessica thought whatever was in this tank with a name like Melvin wasn't going to be a scary creature sourced from some horrible dark place, she imagined a snail of some sorts or octopus.

As instructed Jessica starts to move the tank ever closer to the edge of the shelf and pulled the tank close to her chest as she lowered the tank, surprisingly the tank wasn't cold but did cause friction on her blouse opening and stretching buttons.

Jessica wasn't stable with the tank in her arms and without noticing some water spilled over the edge but more so didn't notice the movement in the tank

One of Jessica's buttons pinged off and into the water and with that releasing her breasts over the tank

Jessica began to lose her grip on the tank and her legs started to shake, I'm going to drop it announced Jessica frantically but her shriek appeared to disturb Melvin and Jessica came face to face with the creature.

Out of the water appeared this mass of sludge but solid, holding up its weight against Jessica body sliding up between her breasts pushing them apart as it rode up her body until it stopped at Jessica's face, Jessica's first reaction was to drop the tank and run as fast as possible

Professor Bates told her to stay perfectly still, he won't hurt you, he just wants to look

But looking wasn't on the agenda for Melvin as the sludge started to spread over Jessica's breasts cupping both and encasing each of them in a brown translucent texture.

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