Stay still as professor Bates instructed

From Create Your Own Story

Jessica straightened herself up looking the creature in the face.

It wasn't long before the creature began to position itself on Jessica's body, Because of Melvin's translucent texture Jessica's breasts were visible to professor Bates. A darker color began cascading over Jessica's nipples, both nipples began to become hard and to professor Bates astonishment he could begin to see Jessica's nipples being sucked, pulled apart from each other and a tightening grip around each of them tensing, squeezing with more intensity than the last.

Jessica looked over to Professor Bate's in despair, looking for an answer to what was going on and how she could stop this humiliation.

"Stay still" professor Bates finally crocked out, He won't hurt you he advised reassuringly.

"It is sucking on me!" shouted Jessica

"I know, I know" but hand me tank and I'll get him off you, just stay still and relax.

Professor Bate's walked over to Jessica's now hypnotic body and began to slowly take the tank away from Jessica's grasp, The professor started to assess the situation, There was a few options that came to mind.

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