She wants to watch the conclussion of Michelle's day

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Beatrice's favorites to torment and watch were always the new girls. It wasn't nearly as much fun as with the third years who just accepted their fate silently.

There wasn't any doubt in her mind they would obey her orders even if she was to not supervise them. Nonetheless she wanted to see it executed, so Beatrice followed the girls at a leisure pace. She didn't lag very far behind since the girls were jogging particularly slowly; as Beatrice expected they both were basically running on fumes, and running barefoot couldn't have helped much.

So by the time Beatrice made it to the running track, they weren't done with their first lap. Being early in the morning the sun wasn't very strong despite being late summer. The girls weren't being lazy despite their slow pace, in their faces were written they were actually trying to keep a good pace as they clumsily placed one foot in front of the other as fast as their bare feet and tired bodies seemed to allow.

They were a pitful sight, to the delight of Beatrice. Luckily they didn't have much of an audience at this hour, not that the girls were happy about the few people who got to stare at them in all their naked glory while they were too tired to raise their arms to cover their shame.

Frida, the tall girl, politely withheld her pace to allow her roommate to catch up with her. She was covered in sweat, but at the very least her drowsiness was completely gone. To be completely honest she was the better spectacle of the two; not only was she better feminine proportions but having spent two years in the Academy there were plenty of people who knew her. From a distance her vulva was more visible as well, since she had bothered to trim it.

That is not to say that Michelle wasn't getting any attention. As a first year she was a new face, and the amount of hair between her legs was startling; yet at least it didn't allow anyone a good look at her genitals. She did invoke pity due to her phisique being overly thin and quite obviously having suffered from it throughout her life. Despite her many trials due to poverty living in the streets, this was only the second time she had been forced to run naked.

At the very least there was nobody pointing and laughing; the most to worry about was a group of high-born girls quitely snickering. They took longer than expected but it seemed they would be able to finish their laps around the track after all.

Beatrice, of course, was just out of view supervising her punishment. It was time to make her appearance.

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