Stay put and watch them return to their now empty room

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Deciding against coming out yet, Beatrice stayed out of sight. The girls obediently finished their laps despite not knowing they were being observed.

Too tired to cry or complain about their positions, they gave everyone around a good look at their asses as they headed back the way they came towards the shack. They still had half an hour to get their belongings and get ready to class. The rest of the girls cleaning would have to forgive them for skipping on their duties and going streaking instead. They probably would understand.

"We won't have time to take a bath, will we?" finally managed to say Michelle between heavy breathings.

"Yes," answered Frida. Her breathing had already returned to normal. "Just pour a bucket over ourselves to get rid of the sweat. The rich bitches will call you smelly otherwise and you won't hear the end of it for the rest of the year."

"D-does that matter anymore?" said Michelle, starting to cry. "Everyone's seen us naked. Don't think our reputation matters much anymore."

"Not that many people saw us," she was reassured by Frida. "Besides, this sort of thing is not that big a deal in this place. Half a dozen girls get the sort of treatment we did just now every day, we were just unlucky this time."

"But why? W-what does that fuck-"

"Shh!" Suddenly interrupted Frida by placing her mouth in Michelle's hand. "Don't ever talk badly about a teacher. You never know."

And right she was. Following closely in complete silence, Beatrice was disappointed she couldn't catch a student cursing her. It didn't happen often, it was a treat when it did.

The girls made them to the now empty shack. The other girls must've moved on to mop the floors of the main building before class.

"Umm... our clothes aren't here," said Michelle.

"We'll just have to find someting to cover ourselves with."

"What about the uniforms? They said we can't go to class out of uniform! Shouldn't... we just stay here? We can't go naked to class."

"We can and we will if we must. Don't worry about the uniform rule, that only applies to any clothes that are not the uniform. It's fine to go in underwear... or less. At least so long as it's a punishment. I don't think they'll doubt our case is anything other than that.

"Seriously? That's just too much! You can't ask me to go naked to a classroom."

"It's better than being caught skipping class. Besides we don't have to go completely bare. Let's find stuff to cover the essentials."

This seemed to Beatrice like a good time to try and make something happen.

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